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Episode 2: Not quite yet.

January 30, 2009

Hello Podcastees.

I’m just writing to say Episode 2 is on its way. I’m going to be recording a special episode this Saturday, and so should hope to have it up by Sat evening or Sunday. Just to let you know!



Facebook Poses

January 27, 2009


Facebook Poses



Everybody’s doing them.



January 25, 2009

Oh My Goodness. I saw FROST/NIXON this afternoon, and it’s absolutely cracking.

It’s so refreshing to know that Sheen and Langella started with FROST/NIXON on the stage in London, followed it on its transfer to the US, and have (quite rightly) been cast for the screen. The result is that Sheen and Langella inhabit their characters so fully and convincingly, one doesn’t feel as though observing a caricature, but the real Frost and Nixon before them.

Frank Langella’s performance is truly Oscar-worthy, from his deep, coarse voice to the wonderfully underplayed comedy of the role, right through the the seething passion of the film’s only completely fictional moment – a late-night call between a drunken Nixon and seemingly defeated Frost that sets the stakes for the coming climax.

Refreshingly, neither Peter Morgan’s script nor Ron Howard’s spotless direction slate Nixon as the absurdly Machiavellian villain that the contemporary media and, by inference, popular memory can often perceive him as. Rather, we are allowed an insight into the humanity and painful burden of regret shouldered by a man who’s fall was so complete and irreparable, that one can’t help but feel at least a tinge of pity as he finally faces his failings and that all-important close-up betrays just how broken he feels.

More over, Michael Sheen’s Frost is far from the knight in shining armour, but more the popular entertainer hooked on celebrity and desperate to reinvigorate his fading career. His victory is hard won (and, indeed, deserved) but the compassion he appears to show at seeing Nixon utterly defeated saves him from becoming the villain of the tale.

Overall, an excellently entertaining and enthralling telling of one of the most significant moments in US political history, pulled off with the highest of standards. Shower this movie with awards. Now.


Obama suggests support for LGBT Community

January 22, 2009

Information appearing on the Whitehouse website on Tuesday set out  the Obama administration’s agenda of commitments and goals for their term. Of greatest interest is the Civil Rights Section, which explicitly explains the administration’s stance on a range of LGBT policies, including anti-discrimination legislation; civil union and Federal rights for gay couples; the Defense [sic] of Marriage Act; the ludicrous ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy; AIDS awareness and prevention; and adoption rights.


While it would be naïve to think that all of these will be drafted into law or, indeed, even brought to the Senate, the publication of such an agenda is highly encouraging, especially in the context of the UN call for equality and rights for all, regardless of sexual identity. In reality, until the Democrats gain a filibuster-proof majority, they are likely to face trouble bringing about wholesale changes in the Senate, but initial measures such as repealing DOMA  and DA,DT, as well as federal recognition of civil unions and gay marriage from other countries could well pave the way to larger, more permanent change. We’ll see.


The Inaugural ‘George Rambles’ Podcast

January 21, 2009

It’s The Inaugural Episode Of George Rambles! HUZZAH!!!!

Listen in for such bedazzling gems of oration such as:


♥ PhD Applications & Visits to New York!

♥ Edinburgh!

♥ Exam Evasion!

♥ Forbidden NYU!

♥ Kate Winselt’s Baps! (Gather… Gather…)

♥ Obama-rama and Barackapella!


It’s certain to be a wonderful event, even if Aretha Franklin won’t be singing. “Oh, how exciting!” I hear you cry, “Can we listen to it now?” Well, lucky reader, 





January 18, 2009



Scape Goat... Gets Caught

Scapegoat... Gets Caught



Mount Sinai have invited me to interview!

January 17, 2009

Whoop whoop! Today MSSM emailed me to say that they were pleased with my application and wanted me to attend their interview session in Feb.

I’m attending, of course, and it’s just after exams and during our week off. What better way to spend the mid-term break than with an expenses-paid jaunt in New York, eh? What indeed.