The Oscars Episode

February 1, 2009

It’s the special Oscar Nomination Episode! Tune in for such wonderful nuggets of chit-chat as:

♣ Dissection of the Oscar Nominations and Predictions!

♣ Nixon’s Money-grabbing Comical Greed

♣ Crusted Cream biscuits!

♣ Tour-de-Streep!

♣ Constant references to the Guardian!

♣ Kate Winslet’s Holocaust Movie Theory


Do it.



  1. Well hello to you to! Oh wait…

    So I have lots of comments on your Oscar talk. I’ll make a nice little list for you.

    1) Watch Doubt before you diss it! It’s awesome!
    2) And for that matter, watch Woody Allen before you diss him! He is (or at least can be) awesome as well! Sleepers, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Purple Rose of Cairo, Match Point, Whats Up Tiger Lilly? All great movies! (though he’s made a few stinkers too)
    3) Marisa Tomei is awesome! I think she should win even if she already has an oscar. It should be about best performance, nothing else.
    4) Robert Downey, Jr. is also awesome, as well as Tropic Thunder! Don’t knock it till you tried it. He gave one of the funniest performances I’ve seen in a long long time, which to be perfectly honest, is much harder to do than to act like a psycho (no offense to Heath Ledger).
    5) Children actually do love Wall-E. I know Mikey and Breanna do. I wasn’t such a fan though. I thought it was boring and creepy. Much like Watership Down…
    6) Milk had great costumes! Costumes from most time periods that oscar films would cover are well documented in history, materials, designs, even drawings. So just because the 70s were not that long ago does not mean its nomination is a joke.
    7) I’ve seen Milk, so it didn’t bother me too much, but you kind of give away the ending to Milk. Yes, we know he’s shot but not all of us know by whom.
    8) Slumdog Millionaire will win best picture. Besides being the best, it won the highest awards at the Golden Globes, the Director’s Guild Awards, the Producers Guild Awards, and the Actor’s Guild Awards (which is the largest guild I believe). And academy voters largely consist of people in these guilds. So yeah…
    9) And on a final note, Kate Winslet make me contemplate my sexuality. Yup.

  2. GASP! In that case, Winslut shall be getting stern words from me. Grrr.

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